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Thoughts on becoming a woman of influence


One of my goals as an entrepreneur is to focus on learning.  I think it is very important to frequently attend training classes, seminars and trade shows, etc.  I attend trainings and conferences that are for the travel industry as much as possible, but I also attend trainings or conferences that will help me grow in my small business management.

I recently attended a seminar titled “Women In Leadership, Becoming a Woman of Influence.”   This was a one day seminar held at Bowling Green State University.

The panelists were Shelley Brazeau-Temple, Regional Vice President of Nationwide Insurance, Janet Hartley, Professor of Management at BGSU, Sharon Speyer, Regional President of Northwest Ohio, Huntington Bank, and Maryrose Sylvester, President and CEO of GE Lighting.  There were two key note speakers; Amy Shore, Senior Vice President of Nationwide Insurance and Betty D. Montgomery, Attorney, MacMurray, Peterson & Shuster, Former Attorney General of Ohio, Former State Auditor of Ohio and Former Prosecutor, Wood County, Ohio.

Here are some short snippets of information that I wrote down from the seminar:

*We should patronize businesses owned by women as well as organizations that support women in business, such as:



Ohio Diversity Council

*We need to sponsor and/or mentor young women at work.  Sponsoring and mentoring are two different things.  Sponsoring is helping someone when they are not in the room.  In effect, be their advocate.  Mentoring is doing things to help that individual, working directly with that individual.

*Build alliances:  network, show your authentic self, be an active listener drawing out information from your colleague to show your true concern and support.  Create relationships across a broad spectrum of people or groups.  Build a purposeful network.  Add value to the groups in which you belong.  Remember we didn’t achieve our successes alone, there is always someone or many people to thank for your success.

*Pay it forward, and I love this one, “Make good will deposits when you don’t need them.”   Meaning, do good for no specific gain of your own.  You  never know when you will need to call on others for help.

*Take the skills you already have and work with them, another thought on being your authentic self.  We all have a set of skills that come natural to us, focus on what you are good at, and delegate or seek help from others for those things that you are not.

Read to learn.  Some books mentioned at the seminar:

The Traveler’s Gift: Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success, by Andy Andrews

The Happiness Advantage:  The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology the Fuel Success and Performance at Work, by Shawn Anchor

Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead, by Sheryl Sandberg

Betty D. Montgomery, the last keynote speaker was fantastic.  If you ever have an opportunity to hear her speak, take it.  Here are a few of the comments I wrote down from her speech:

*The side door entrance is still an entrance.  Get in, be visible, volunteer, be seen.  Be polite, but be persistent.

*Don’t slam the door shut, close it gently.  You never know when you may have to open it again.

*You get a lot of invitations to fight, you don’t have to accept them all.

*There is no substitute for hard work.  Do your job well.

*Failures are not fatal.

*Humor helps a lot.  Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Thanks for reading. I hope you found something that is helpful or encouraging.  I’d love any other suggestions for books about small business, entrepreneurs or personal success.  Good luck in your personal and business goals.



Author: sarahkrafty

Sarah Krafty is a travel advisor, owner of Krafty Travel, specializing in travel for milestone events such as honeymoons, destination weddings and special events. Krafty Travel is an independent affiliate of Nexion, LLC, a California registered seller of travel (2071045-50); located at 5454 N. MacArthur Blvd. Suite 400, Irving, TX 75039 Telephone 800-949-6410 Certified Travel Associate with The Travel Institute, Accredited Cruise Counselor (CLIA), member of ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) and Perrysburg Area Chamber of Commerce.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on becoming a woman of influence

  1. Love this…I have read Sheryl Sandberg’s book: Lean In…now need to read the others…esp. The Happiness one.

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