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Today is our wedding anniversary.  It is not a traditional milestone, 17 years.  If you ask me, every year is a milestone.  Life can change fast and it truly does take work to stay on the same page as partners.  When one month is good, the next month can be a challenge.  And trust me, we are learning that.  Our oldest child turned 16 this year.  She is off and er, driving, and has spun out a whole new way of life in her dust.  It’s all good.  We are proud and happy for the person she is becoming, but man, life is different at this stage more than any other.  Not to mention the recurring feeling that it is cruising along way too fast.

Travel is a way of life for us, as it should be for a travel agent.  We try to take frequent trips as a family, and I take as many options as I’m handed to do property site inspections, industry trade shows and ship inspections.  One thing that is hard to come by is travel for just me and my husband.  Our last trip together was in December 2012.  We are pretty happy to have a “just for us” vacation on the calendar next month.  Truth be told, it will include a little work to do 2 site inspections, experience service from a different tour operator than usual, and take an excursion that I need to experience so to best recommend for my clients.  But all that is wrapped up in 5 nights, just for us, at the adults only, Golden Parnassus in Cancun.  We can’t wait.

Last weekend I had great clients who are even better friends take a long weekend trip to Chicago.  These friends take 2-3 trips a year.  The trips are usually quick getaways, but they love having them to look forward to and always have a great time.  Typically they will text me and let me know how things are going.  I love that.  I love being in the vacation with them, reveling in their excitement and fun.  For them, things are almost always awesome and it is never a text I dread, considering the calls you sometimes get from travelers about things not going well.   My friends are my advocate.  They are frequently telling others how great it is to have me plan their trips for them.  He jokes that the reason I make it so easy to go on trips is because I have his credit card on file.  For some reason, I asked how long they had been together as a couple.  They replied back they have been together longer than any of their previous relationships.  I told them it must be because of all their awesome vacations, and that I had read a study about how couples that travel together have happier relationships.

I decided to find the article.  It is from the Travel Effect at The article is based on a survey from the U.S. Travel Association, conducted by Edge Research in December, 2012.  The survey resulted in 3 key findings:

1. Travel has long-term benefits for couples

2. Travel helps build and maintain relationships

3. Travel ignites romance and intimacy

If you are feeling a little disconnected and alone in your relationship, maybe it’s time to get away with your partner.  My husband and I can say from our current experience, just having the vacation booked has changed our day to day attitudes.  The countdown to our departure has begun.

During my texts with my Chicago bound friends, we came up with a new slogan for my business.  Krafty Travel, keeping couples together one vacation at a time.

Sarah and Mike at Playa del Carmen

Happy anniversary to the Kraftmaster!


Author: sarahkrafty

Sarah Krafty is a travel advisor, owner of Krafty Travel, specializing in travel for milestone events such as honeymoons, destination weddings and special events. Krafty Travel is an independent affiliate of Nexion, LLC, a California registered seller of travel (2071045-50); located at 5454 N. MacArthur Blvd. Suite 400, Irving, TX 75039 Telephone 800-949-6410 Certified Travel Associate with The Travel Institute, Accredited Cruise Counselor (CLIA), member of ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) and Perrysburg Area Chamber of Commerce.

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